Monday, August 15, 2016

Justice Minister Threatens Atlantic Canada Judiciary and Legal Profession

Justice Minister Raybould-Wilson
Legal observers are reporting that corruption and case rigging at the New  Brunswick and PEI Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and Court of Queen's Bench caused Canadian Justice Minister Jody Raybould Wilson issued a veiled threat at the Atlantic region judicial and legal profession by suggesting the vacancy at the Supreme Court of Canada traditionally filled by a candidate from Atlantic Canada would be filled by an outsider.

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The story of judicial corruption encountered in New Brunswick is well known as a result of the this blog edited by Joe Adam and the notorious murder and cover up of murder of New Brunswick Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson on June 27, 2012 and the follow up suspected murder of New Brunswick Justice Edmund Blanchard two years later on June 27, 2014 - both deaths were caused by rapid onset cancer which is apparently a leading cause of sudden death among dirty members of the judiciary in Canada. 

The depth of judicial corruption in the Prince Edward  Island courts which consists of a handful of interrelated judges has been openly and widely published on a sister blog maintained by Joe Adam and his colleagues at Canadian Legal and Judicial Blogs without any serious objection or challenge and without any serious investigation by any responsible official.

Corrupt Justice McLachlin
In the meantime the most corrupt Chief Justice in Canada 's history is starting to deteriorate visibly as recent photos show.

Ms. McLachlin, the Chairperson of the corrupt Canadian Judicial Council, refused to investigate complaints of corruption by both Wilfred Doyle and Evelyn Greene and the murder of Justices Layden Stevenson and, probably the murder of Justice Edmund Blanchard can be traced directly to the cover up of judicial corruption in British Columbia where McLachlin was a judge ahd played a key role in many crooked decisions before being put on the Supreme Court of Canada by Brian Mulroney.

In 2000, McLachlin was also involved in dirty attempt to corrupt the Bloody Sunday - Bogside Massacre inquiry into the murder of 26 unarmed Irish civilians by the British Army in Northern Ireland by sending the corrupt British Columbia Court of Appeal Justice, Bill Esson, to Ireland as an official back up judge for the inquiry something that backfired when news of Justice Esson 's corruption was sent  to the IRA by Canadian sympathizers.

Esson was quickly and quietly returned to Canada because he might have had a bullet put in his head given he played a big role in the British Columbia courts protecting paedophiles and was reputed to be a paedophile himself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Premier David Alward, Evelyn Greene and Carolyn Layden Stevenson

David Alward (shown in photo on left) was the Premier of New Brunswick and did nothing to help Evelyn Greene who claims she was assaulted on several occasions by New Brunswick government employees and police with the City of Fredericton.

The claims of Evelyn Greene have never been seriously denied but her attempt to find redress in the New Brunswick court system were systematically denied  by a series of dirty tricks by David Alward and his gang.  .

David Alward was Premier when a bunch of Ottawa and British Columbia insiders set up a Fredericton resident and Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson for murder while David Alward remained silent.

David Alward is no longer Premier. 

David Alward lacked courage. He protected criminals.

David Alward allowed the rich and powerful to walk all over the poor and the weak.  He allowed criminals to get away with the attempted murder of Evelyn Greene and the mrder of Carolyn Layden-Stevenson.

The people have spoken and New Brunswick is better off now that David Alward is gone.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Were Two New Brunswick Judges Murdered By Ottawa Insiders?

Justice Edmond Blanchard 
On June 27, 2014 Canadian Court Martial Appeal Court Chief Justice, Edmond Blanchard, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2000 and then Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court in 2004, died of sudden onset cancer.

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On June 27, 2012,Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, from New Brunswick, Canada, first made a Federal Court Judge by the Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2002, died of sudden onset cancer.

Click here to read Globe and Mail story on the death of Carolyn Layden Stevenson 
So what is going on here?  

Basically Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and Edmond Blanchard  were part of the same judicial New
Justice Layden-Stevenson
Brunswick legal beagles appointed to the small Federal Court system in Ottawa.

They both died of sudden onset cancer and both on the same day, June 27, albeit two years apart, 2012 and 2014. 

They were both relatively young, both connected to the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Chretien and they were both dead within a relatively short time of each other.

Yep, it sure looks weird but when you add in the fact that Carolyn was the 12th in a series of judges directly involved on the Water War Crimes who suddenly died from unnatural natural causes and when you add in the fact cancer has been weaponized and can be used as a tool by murderers and executioners to get rid of unwanted people then it all begins to look more strange and this strangeness is heightened when you realize that Carolyn was murdered and then, logically and rationally, you, us, we must begin to wonder whether or not Justice Blanchard was murdered too?

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Forensic experts believe that Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered in order to cover up the identity of those involved in the Water War Crimes.

Click here to read about the role of Carolyn Layden Stevenson in the Water War Crimes 

Readers are asked to keep an open mind and if they have any evidence that suggests Justice Edmond Blanchard was murdered please share that evidence with the appropriate authorities and, if they think appropriate with the Editors of this web site.

But what has this got to do with the Evelyn Greene story the reader may be asking

Well, it has quite a bit to do with the Evelyn Green Story but the reader needs to know some other facts about Edmond Blanchard to understand how he is connected to the Evelyn Greene Story because Evelyn Greene is just an "average citizen" who was nearly murdered when she blew the whistle on drug use, drug abuse and drug trafficking by health care professionals at the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton and when she complained the legal judicial establishment in New Brunswick moved quickly to deny justice to Evelyn Greene and Evelyn Greene began to complain to some people in Ottawa Canada's capital city and...

Justice Edmond Blanchard was a very senior guy in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. 

At the time of his death he was the Chief Justice of the Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court a position to which he was appointed in 2004. 

The Canadian Court Martial Appeals Court handles some of Canada's most sensitive legal cases that from time to time involve top level national defence secrets. Due to his position it is safe to assume that Chief Justice Blanchard would have had top level security clearance

In addition, at the time of his death, Justice Blanchard was the Vice Chair of the Judicial Conduct Committee of the Canadian Judicial Council another highly important committee that is privy to some of the darkest secrets about judicial corruption in Canada.  The Chairperson of that Committee is Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (shown in photo on left) who was an early player in the judicial corruption that loomed large in the Water War Crimes story.

Click here to read about Chief Justice McLachlin and the Water War Crimes.

When Evelyn Greene encountered judicial abuse in New Brunswick by some members of the New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench  she filed complaints with the Canadian Judicial Council where her complaints eventually ended up on the desk of Justice Blanchard the Vice Chair of the Judicial Council. 

Was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "good guy" doing his job who was silenced by judicial insiders from New Brunswick afraid he would expose how they had conspired to abuse Evelyn Greene?

Or, was Chief Justice Edmond Blanchard a "bad guy" deeply connected to the New Brunswick legal and judicial establishment who was executed by "higher powers" because he violated his oath and was protecting his legal and judicial pals back home?   

The investigation is continuing and readers are encouraged to keep an open mind and return to these pages for more information when it emerges.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did Provinical Court Judge Leslie Jackson quit or was he retired?

New Brunswick Provincial Court Chief Judge, Leslie Jackson, (shown on right in photo on left) the judge who made the repugnant decision against Evelyn Greene has retired.

The editors think that the decision was repugnant because it protected certain out of control police officers with the Fredericton City Police and similarly out of control crown prosecutors at the New Brunswick Ministry of Justice.

Click here to read official press release.

Over the past several months, Ms. Greene has been pursuing her legal claims in the New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench where she is awaiting a decision that will either deny her access to justice or give her the green light to go ahead.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who Murdered former Fredericton resident and Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson?

Carolyn Layden-Stevenson (shown in the photo on the left) was a graduate of University of New Brunswick Law School, a former lawyer and long time resident of Fredericton, New Brunswick, and subsequently a justice of the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal died on June 27, 2012.

There is good reason to believe she was murdered.

There is good reason to believe Carolyn Layden-Stevenson was murdered as a result of a criminal  conspiracy to obstruct justice and cover up serious crimes by Canada's political legal and judicial elites and, according to reliable sources the Royal Family.

We don't believe that Queen ElizabethPrime Minister Harper, Premier Alward, the Chief Justice of Canada of any other person occupying a politically appointed office, such as Queen Elizabeth occupies, is or should be above the law.

Click here to read more about the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson from Fredericton New Brunswick:

Editors Note: This post reflects the opinions of the Editors and is not endorsed or conformed by Evelyn Greene who has no knowledge of the cause of death of Justice Layden-Stevenson  Readers with information leading to identification and conviction of those responsible are asked

Monday, September 23, 2013

Premier Alward's Cabinet Shuffle Explained

Premier David Alward Shuffles the Deck  
In the Editor's opinion, Premier David Alward has fired (demoted) Attorney General Marie Claude Blais because it was under the leadership of Attorney General Blais who refused to carry out a proper investigation of credible allegations of criminal misconduct by Government health care workers and police violence against an average citizen.

Ms. Blais's failure to act compromised the reputation of Provincial Court Judge Leslie Jackson. 

Premier Alward has appointed Mr. Flemming (shown in photo on right) to be both Attorney General and Minister of Health.  Mr. Flemming has a big job ahead of him.  Not only must Flemming he do something to stop the recreational use of drugs by Government Health Care Workers, he also has to reform the institutions of state that refused to investigate legitimate complaints about an out of control members of the Fredericton Police Force and clean up a prosecution service that appears to have been party to an attempt to mislead the court with fabricated evidence. 

Researchers believe that drug abuse is not only a problem for Government Health Care Workers but it is also a problem for some members of the Fredericton Police Force and some members of the New Brunswick  Prosecution Service. 

Mandatory random drug and alcohol testing for all government employees is probably the only effective way to stop the abuse.  Such programs are now widely used by many major corporations, the military and other institutions and the Editors recommend they be adopted by New Brunswick to help clean up its civil service and judiciary.   

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fredericton Newspaper Mocks Provincial Court, Ambulance New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and the Fredericton City Police

The Irving Brothers controlled Fredericton newspaper, The Daily Gleanor, has finally alerted its readers to the scandalous and very dangerous conduct of the Provincial Court of New Brunswick, Ambulance New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and the Fredericton City Police with a mocking cartoon, published April 26, 2013, shown on left.  

The cartoon correctly makes a mockery of the New Brunswick Provincial Court under the leadership of Chief Judge Leslie Jackson.

One of the pruposes of a judiciary, in a free and democratic country, is to protect average citizens from abuse by government officials. 

The record speaks clearly that Fredericton resident Evelyn Greene was abused by government officials who, not only attempted to cover up drug usage and, probably, drug trafficking by staff at Ambulance New Brunswick by calling the Fredericton City Police to remove a sick patient, who was not causing any trouble, but those government officials were also part of a conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice by fabricating evidence that would prevent Evelyn Greene from proving she was illegally assaulted by a police officer and did not commit the crimes she was alleged to have committed.  

The verdict of Chief Judge Leslise Jackson sets a very very danmgerous precedent because it sends the wrong message to drug using or drug trafficking staff at Ambulance New Brunswick.   The verdict sends the wrong message to Fredericton City Police officers who abuse citizens.  The verdict sends the wrong message to New Brunwick Prosecution Service who attempt to obstruct the course of justice.  The verdict of Chief Judge Leslie Jackson sends the essage that the New Brunswick provincial court judiciary are on the side of abusive police officers, they are on the side of criminal activity by government staff and they are on the side of Crown prosecutors who suppress, conceal or fabricate evidence against citizens in order to protect criminals in the government.

Perhaps it is time that New Brunswick Provincial Court judges were elected instead of being appointed by corrupt government officers.

Monday, April 22, 2013

University of New Brunswick Retracts Eviction of Whistle Blower

University of New Brunswickl logo
A mere one day after this blog brought international attention to the mis-conduct of officials with the University of New Brunswick, (see April 21, 2013, post below) those same officials apologized to Evelyn Greene, explained to her that the "TRESPASS NOTICE" she received on April 19, 2013, was the result of a mis-understanding and that she was welcome to use the library facilities at the University of New Brunswick Law School just like every other member of the public in New Brunswick.

The Editors of this blog wish to extend their sincere praise for the intelligence, wisdom and courage displayed by Bruce Rogerson, the Director of Security and Traffic at the University of New Brunswick who admitted in a telephone call with Evelyn Greene that a mistake had been made. 

Mr. Rogerson's conduct is consistent with the best practices recommended for organizations that make mistakes. 

 "When ya make a mistake, admit it, apologize, make amends and fix the system so it doesn't happen again".

Unfortunately, Mr. Rogerson's exemplary conduct has been contrary to the experience of Evelyn Greene with other institutions in New Brunswick, such as the Fredericton City Police, Ambulance New Brunswick, the City of Fredericton, the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, some of the registry staff, sheriffs and judges at the Fredericton Court house, the lawyers with several large law firms in Fredericton, staff at several other governmental institutions and the Irving Brothers controlled media.

Ms. Greene was also favourably impressed with the conduct of the security at the Law Library, led by Mr. Steven Stafford, who treated her with dignity and respect when they were asked to execute the orders that arose from the mis-understanding.

The conduct of Mr. Rogerson, Mr. Stafford and others connected with Security at the University of New Brunswick prove that are at some decent people left in New Brunswick and should be a lesson for those with the Fredericton City Police and elsewhere who have treated Evelyn Greene so shabbily over the past few years.   

Sunday, April 21, 2013

University of New Brunswick Law School Library Bans Whistle Blower

University of New Brunswick logo
In a craven display of backwoods, arrogant, elitism gone mad, the University of New Brunswick Law School library security staff issued a ``TRESPASS NOTICE` to New Brunswick whistleblower, Evelyn Greene, on Saturday, April 19, 2013, demanding she immediately vacate the law school library, a state funded library at a state funded university, and never return. 

The TRESPASS NOTICE was directly contrary to University of New Brunswick written policies that allow members of the public to use library facilities to carry out research such as the kinds Ms. Greene was carrying out.

Click here to read University of New Brunswick public use policies.

For many months, Greene had been using law library at the Law School, without incident, because she has been beaten up by sheriffs at the local couthouse where she has been defending herself against a dirty prosection carried forward by a corrupt civil service that had enraged in evidence tampering because she had reported drug using by staff and, possibly, a major drug dealing operation, at the Dr. Everett Chamlers Regional Hospital and at Ambulance New Brunswick that is believed to be secretly owned by the powerful and extremely rich Irving Brothers that control much of the New Brunswick economy, its politics, its media, and its legal and judicial professions

Security and library staff were shocked and disgusted that they had been ordered to carry out such dispicable work and apologized to Greene, who was minding her own business and not bothering anyone, for evicting her. Greene accepted their apologies and told our reporters that she knows that the staff level people are good decent citizens that had nothing to do with the eviction which was obvoiusly coming from insiders in the New Brunswick government and or legal profession, possibly, on direction of the Irving Brothers whose oil company has been a regular visitor to this blog and who have not disputed any of the allegations of Greene.

The New Brunswick legal and judicial professions, and many other residents, are dumbfounded by the recent murder of Federal Court of Appeal Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, a former long time Fredericton resident and Univeristy of New Brunswick Law School graduate, whose murder is alleged to have been carried out by a criminal gang operating inside the Department of Justice and the Federal Court Adminsitrartion in Ottawa and there is increasing suspicion that the same crimianl gang has agents and operatives inside the New Brunswick Department of Justice and New Brunswick court administration that has consistently denied justice to Evelyn Greene in order to protect crimianls.

Click here to learn more about the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Strevenson

Intelligent observers expect that the murdering may soon move to New Brunswick and questions are now being asked of whether or not the sudden death prominent Fredericton lawyer, J. Gordon Petrie, (shown in photo on left) on November 5, 2012, was a murder.  Petrie was a partner in the prominent New Brunswick law firm of Stewart McKelvey that has figured prominently in the alleged corruption exposed by Evelyn Greene.

In a bizzarre co-incidence, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in mid October that effective November 5, 2012, the appointment of Canadian Deputy Minister of Justice, Myles Kirvan, would be terminated - the same day J. Gordon Petrie was terminated. 

Kirvan is believed to have been a part of the criminal gang that allegedly carried out the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson.

On April 8, 2013, Greene, who cannot find a lawyer in New Brunswick with the courage to help her, filed a nineteen page Notice of Appeal in the New Brunswick Court of Queens Bench raising serious objections to the verdict against her by Provincial Court Chief Justice Leslie Jackson who, for reasons unexplained, appeared to be afraid of a certain local police officer, who may be mentally deranged and who appears to have developed a reputation for beating innocent citizens.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Tale of Two Judges: Jackson, in New Brunswick, and O'Donnell, in Ontario

Ontario Judge Fergus O'Donnell
Canadians are often confused by their justice system.  

Often, the problem is corruption on the part of judges and lawyers.  

When judges and lawyers bend, twist and pervert the law to protect cronies, working colleagues and family friends they speak or write the law crookedly - on purpose -, innocent people are convicted to protect others and the public are confused.  

This past week in Ontario, an honest judge, Fergus O'Donnell, dismissed a charge of assault brought by the police against an innocent citizen.  The police had arrested Matthew Duncan without any lawful right to do so and, as they attempted to take Mr. Duncan into custody he resisted.  

Judge O'Donnell, a former prosecutor with Canada's National Prosecution Service, dismissed the charge, corrected the police and reasserted the law that, in Canada, every citizen has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. 

It is self-evident that a charge of assault to resist arrest requires proof of a lawful arrest. This is not a Charter issue; it is a fundamental element of the offence. The requirement reflects the important fact that in a democracy agents of the state operate within limits. If an arrest is unlawful, resistance to that arrest is not unlawful 

Click here to read the case of R. v. Duncan 2013 ONCJ 160 Canlii

By contrast, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, when Provincial Court Chief Judge, Leslie Jackson, (shown in centre of photo on right)  was faced with a similar situation in the case of Evelyn Greene, a 62 year old woman who midly resisted the illegal attempt of four police officers to remove her from a Public Health Facility where she was seeking medical treatment, Judge Jackson found in favour of the police and convicted Evelyn Greene, leaving court watchers shaking their heads and wondering if Judge Jackson is "on the take", if he is afraid of the police or if he found in favour of the police because one of the officers, Constable Nancy Rideout, who has a history of assaulting private citizens, is the daughter of another New Brunswick judge.

At the time of this post, Judge Jackson has not published written reasons for his bizarre decision and the Editors are waiting for him to explain his controversial decision.

Evelyn Greene has filed an appeal of the decision while others are asking if Chief Judge Jackson will be investigated for corruption which is highly unlikely given that Crown prosecutors were accused of conspiring with the police to fabricate evidence as part of a sinister plot to railroad Evelyn Greene in order to protect drug dealing staff at the a local medical facility. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Was Atlantic Alarm and Sound part of a criminal conspiracy to fabricate evidence against Evelyn Greene?

Did Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. commit a criminal offence?

When Evelyn Greene was charged with assaulting a police officer (Nancy Rideout) in the course of her duties on May 3, 2011, at the Ambulance New Brunswick Public Health Facility on Harold Doherty Road in Fredericton, New Brunswick, she immediately asked Crown Counsel to provide her with a copy of the video surveillance records for the period in question and, in due course, she was provided with a video recording that was clearly doctored, edited or manipulated with key events not recorded.

In the next several months, she continued to ask Crown Counsel for a full copy of the original video recording and she received more video recordings and those video recordings were also doctored and key events were not part of the recordings and that each recording she received was different from the other and different the first recording she had received and, like the first video recording she received, none was a true copy of the original recording.

The only logical explanation for this very surprising state of affairs is that Crown, the Police and Ambulance New Brunswick were part of a conspiracy to fabricate evidence for the purposes of the upcoming criminal trial of Evelyn Greene that eventually took place in Fredericton in the week on February 4, 5, & 6, 2013 before Chief Judge Leslie Jackson.  During the trial, the various recordings were submitted as evidence by Crown Counsel, Christopher Lavigne and if he or his superiors knew they had been fabricated as part of a conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice then he and his superiors would be guilty of a criminal offence that carries a 14 year penalty.  Ms. Greene consented to the admission the various recordings because they proved the evidence against her had been deliberately corrupted which would on basis on which the judge could dismiss the charge against her.

But what was the role of Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.?

Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. was in charge of the installation and servicing of the video surveillance system for the the government health care facility operated by Ambulance New Brunswick at Harold Doherty Road, in Fredericton, and there were a half a dozen or more video cameras on the premises.

As part of her pre-trial investigations, Evelyn Greene had a telephone conversation with Louis Bourgeois of Atlantic Alarm and Sound who stated "We don't destroy nothing" in his clear Acadian accent indicating that a full copy of the origianl could be reproduced.

This is not surprising because Ambulance New Brunswick is a public health facility that would normally have a professional surveillance system and because  "Atlantic Alarm & Sound Ltd. is a company dedicated to consistently providing the latest in technology as we expand our base of products and services, while maintaining an unparallelled level of customer care"  

So, why has Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. failed to provide the police and Crown Counsel with a complete copy of the original recording of the events that took place.  It is possible that Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.  are part of a deliberate conspiracy to mislead the court.

In the Editors opinion, it certainly looks that way and, in the Editors opinion, it appears that they are acting on the advice of legal counsel because Mr. Louis Bourgeois appeared in court and gave evidence but he did not produce the original recording and he was represented by lawyer Sacha Morriset with the huge Atlantic Canada law firm of Stewart McKelvey. that, coincidentally also represents Ambulance New Brunswick, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, and the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick who are defendants in a civil lawsuit brought by Evelyn Greene for assault, unlawful confinement, negligent medical care, defamation, breach of various Charter Rights, malicious prosecution and   attempted murder.

Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. can be contacted at:

489 Acadia Avenue, Dieppe, N.B., E1A-1H7 Tel 506 853 9315  Toll free 1-866-853-9315
Email and

Sacha Morisset can be contacted at

Stewart McKelvey, Lawyers - Avocats, 644 Main Street, Moncton, N.B., E1C 1E2
Tel: 506-853-1942 Email

Although Sacha Morisset did not take the witness stand and give evidence at the trial, his body language told observers that he and his clients were guilty of something very serious because according to Ms. Greene his face turned a deep shade on purple on several occasions during the embarassing testimony of witnesses for his clients, Ambulance New Brunswick and Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Unholy Trinity - Crown Counsel, The Fredericton City Police and Ambulance New Brunswick

In shocking coutroom testimony yesterday in the New Brunswick Provincial Court before Chief Judge Leslie Jackson, an Unholy Trinity revealed itself as a beleagured Evelyn Greene cross examined Ambulance New Brunswck witnesses that corroborated earlier cross-examination police evidence that confirmed that despite her repeated requests, Crown Counsel, the Fredericton City Police and Ambulance New Brunswick refused to provide her with a complete and unedited copy of the video tapes of the incident that occurred on the premises of Ambulance New Brunswick at Harold Doherty Drive, in Fredericton, on May 3, 2011.

Greene says the police entered the building started pushing her while she was waiting for medical attenion for a life threatening heart condition and that police officer Nancy Rideout, who has a history of complaints against her, laid beating on Greene between the exit doors as she lead Greene out of  building. Greene's evidence is supported by her own medical records and court reports on the history of officer Rideout.

Greene says the original viode tapes will prove her allegations are true and that Crown, the Police, and Ambulance New Brunswick have conspired to deliberately suppress the evidence for that very reason. 

Experienced legal counsel who are monitoring the proceeding agreed with Greene's conspiracy theory.  "Generally speaking, the only  reason not to produce the full unedited copy of the original video tapes is because there is something on those tapes the Police and Crown Counsel do want anyone to see and, in this context, the law presumes that the failure to fully disclose is part of an attempt to obstruct the course of justice through the suppression of evidence". 

Legal observers also pointed out that the history of the case is consistent with corruption inside  the New Brunswick prosecution service at the managerial level and, possibly, including the Attorney General and members of the cabinet of  David Alward because of Greee's civil lawsuit for compensation that includes allegations of illegal drug use, unlawful confinement, forced medication and attempted murder by staff at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in an incident that is connected to the later incident at Ambulance New Brusnwick.  

The prosecutor handling the case in the courtroom, Christopher Lavigne, is a younger, newly recruited lawyer and was put on the case after four more senior lawyers were either removed from or refused to continue to act on the case.  "As a general rule,  when a younger, less experienced lawyer, is put on a case after more experienced counsel are taken off it is because the older counsel know exctly what is going on and do not wish to be drawn into a criminal conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice by becoming party to the suppression of evidence as is taking place in the Greene case" stated one of Canada's leading lawyers who is monitoring the case from a distance. 

The lawyer added that this was a common practice in many parts of Canada by government lawyers and it could either be a career maker or career breaker for Christopher Lavigne, who appeared as legal counsel for the Crown.

"In my opinion", stated the lawyer, "Christopher Lavigne is in a very dangerous position because he is essentially being asked to assist to cover up a crime by insiders at the Fredericton City Police and the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and so, while he may be promoted for his nefarious work, he probably has enough knowledge to put those insiders in jail and he may also be murdered because he knows too much".

The murder of lawyers and judges who know to much has become a reality in Canada and there is evidence that former Fredericton resident and Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson was murdered by government insiders in Ottawa in June, 2012, for similar reasons.

Click here to read about the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Irving Oil Newspaper Suppress Truth About Corruption Scandal and Discredit Whistleblower

Irving Family Symbol 
It is a matter of common knowledge that the Irving family control most of the local media in New Brunswick, in addition to their vast oil business, lumber interests, real estate holdings, shipyard interests and potato farms.  So, when Evelyn Greene went to the local Fredericton Newspaper, the Daily Gleaner, to tell her story she figured that the Irving family would have an interest in publicizing the issues because it was all about good governance, public safety, and the proper administration of the hospital and ambulance services in that province.  However, for reasons that remain unexplained the local Irving family owned newspaper declined to write a fair story but, instead, misrepresented Evelyne Greene's mental status to the public by suggesting she was "mentally ill" and therefore could not be believed.

Sons of K.C. Irving 
The suggestion, by innuendo and inference, that Evelyn Greene should not be believed because she suffers from a " mental illness" is a gross distortion of the truth and a distortion unworthy of a the heirs of K.C. Irving. While it is true that Evelyn Greene suffers from "depression" and "depression" is a form of "mental illness" that kind of "mental illness" has nothing to do with a person's ability to tell the truth, to know fact from fiction or the honesty of their character.

Throughout her ordeal, there is not one shred of evidence that Evelyn Greene was delusional,  hallucinatory or otherwise unable to tell the truth. There is no evidence she was dishonest or deceitful in any of her dealings with the courts or the Crown but there is plenty of evidence that some, not all, government employees, including police officers, lawyers and others, have covered up the truth and attempted to mislead the courts.

K.C. Irving
In fact, three expert witnesses have confirmed, in writing, that the copies of the video tapes of her visit to the Ambulance New Brunswick facility at Harold Doherty Road, in Fredericton, were not true copies of the originals, that parts were manipulated and parts were deleted leaving one with the inescapable conclusion that the manipulations and the deletions were made to protect out of control Fredericton police, drug using or, worse, drug dealing, employees of Ambulance New Brunswick and to "railroad" Evelyn Greene at her upcoming trial in the Provincial Court of New Brunswick.  So the characterization of Evelyn Greene as unbelievable because she suffers from "depression" is both fraudulent and unworthy of newspaper founded by K.C. Irving the patriarch of the Irving family that now controls the industrial empire their father built.

In due time, we expect that the Fredericton Newspaper and its owners, the heirs of K.C. Irving, will apologize to Evelyn Greene because to do otherwise would not be in the tradition of honesty and fair-dealing that characterized K.C. Irving - the founder of the Irving Business Empire.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out of Control Fredericton City Police

When Evelyn Greene could not get the responsible government agencies in New Brunswick to carry out a proper investigation of the heinous attack made against her at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, she drew up some papers to get access to information under the Freedom Of Information legislation and, on May 13, 2011, she personally delivered those papers to the various agencies one of which was the Ambulance New Brunswick facility on Harold Doherty Road in Fredericton.

Based on investigations, it now appears that the the staff at Ambulance New Brunswick were alerted in advance to Greene's visit and they set a devious trap for her that included the Frederitcon City Police as willing participants. 

Here are the facts and the we will let the reader be the judge.

The Ambulance New Brunswick on Doherty Road is a public health facility which means Greene had right to be there, to request and receive medical services, and not to be ejected by the staff or the police for no good reason.

Greene entered the Ambulance New Brunswick facility and asked to speak to the manager so she could give him the papers requesting documents under the Freedom of Information Act.  The staff told her the manager was away and would be returning later so Greene advised she would wait for him in the sitting area and she also asked for someone to take her blood pressure and other vitals because she was not feeling well. 

Is Nancy Rideout and out of control police officer? 
Greene went over to the sitting area and sat down.  Suddenly, within minutes, four police cars showed up and four officers got out and entered the Ambulance New Brunswick  building looking for Greene. The lead officer, Nancy Rideout, came over to Greene and told her to leave the building. Greene told Rideout that she wasn't feeling well, needed to sit for a while and was waiting for medical attention. 

Instead of leaving Greene alone, officer Nancy Rideout was clearly on a mission and, without lawful authority, assaulted Greene by grabbing her arm to try to remove her from the building and Greene responded, as she was legally entitled to do, by brushing Rideout's hand away and telling her to leave her alone because she was sick.

Greene was legally entitled to do this because  a police officer, in Canada, does not have legal authority to grab someone and attempt to remove them from a public health faciltiy, especially when they are there for treatment, as Greene was.  The proper procedure is for the police officer to first put the person under arrest for some crime and then, and only then, does the officer have the legal authority to use force to remove a person from a public building.  However, since Greene was committing no crime, officer Rideout had no authority to arrest her or touch her in any way.

Police Brutality Has Come To New Brunswick 
The incident should have ended there but officer Rideout, who, incidentally, has a history of accusations made against her by the public for police brutality, seized the opportunity to declare that Greene was now under arrest for assaulting a police in the course of her duties, a declaration which was not entirely correct because officer Rideout had no legal right to ask Greene to leave a public health facility where she was seeking treatment and then to use force to try to remove her and, under common law, Greene had a lawful right to use reasonable force to protect herself from the unlawful assault of Rideout who was, at the time, a police officer who had stepped over the line between acting in the course of her duties and acting outside the course of her duties.

Not only did Rideout arrest Greene without cause, but, according to Greene, Officer Rideout then led her outside the building through the double entry doors where Rideout, thinking the security cameras, would not see her, inflicted a brutal assault on Greene that left Greene with visible bruises.  While in police custody Greene was, for a time, denied access to her medication and when released she found that a significant sum of moeny had gone missing from her purse.

Greene was charged with assaulting a police officer and the local Crown Counsel, who work closely with the police and the drug using staff at the local hospital, pursued the prosecution with an  unsual vigour and disregard for due process that creates the strong smell of corruption at the Crown Counsel offices of the Province of New Brunswick.

The editors acknowledge that police are in a tough position and make decisions that they later regret but when a police officer, like Nancy Rideout, loses control in the course of her duties and assaults an innocent citizen waiting for medical treatment, it is time to send that officer for a psychiatric assessment and re-training instead of covering up his or her criminal conduct. 

Unfortunately, instead of reprimanding Rideout and having her assesed by a competent psychiatrist, the City of Fredericton, Crown Counsel, and the Attorney General for New Brunswick decided that a cover up was their best alternative but, in the course of that cover up, they made a very serious mistake because when Greene asked for copies of the video surveillance tapes at the Ambulance New Brunswick faciltiy where she was arrested and assaulted by Rideout they gave Greene a copy that had clearly been tampered with (according to three expert witnesses) and that proved that the Crown Counsel office in Fredericton was not only protecting an out of control police officer but that they were also protecting drug using staff at a public health facility thereby endangering every resident of the province.

Click here to read accusations of assault by Police Officer Nancy Rideout on Fredericton Resident Andre Murray - scroll down to pages 25 and 26.

Click here to read accusation of assault by Police Officer Nancy Rideout on Amherst resident T.C. - scroll down to paragraphs 40 to 43.

The Editors caution the reader that while the foreging accusations by T.C. and Andre Murray have not been proved in a court of that does not mean they did not occur. However, when three unrleated citizens, all of good repute, make similar accusations against the same police officer then the rational person concludes that it is probable that the police officer is guilty as charged.

Moreover, in the Greene case, there was video evidence and that evidence has been tampered with and that tampering proves the police had something they wished to cover up. 

What is disgraceful if that the Public Prosecution Service of New Brunswick, also known as Crown Counsel, knows the video evidence was tampered with and Crown Counsel is continuing its prosecution against Greene on the basis of video evidence they know has been tampered with.  Of course, they also intend to reply on the evidence of the police officer who, on the basis of sworn statements by three unrelated citizens, appears to be a danger to the public.

What is even more disgraceful is that some of the judges of the local New Brunswick Provincial Court have assisted local Crown Counsel and the City of Fredericton Police to resisted Greene's applications to get a full copy of the original video surveillance tapes thereby calling into question the independence and intergfity of New Brunswick Provincial Court judiciary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nazis Come to New Brunswick

New Brunswick, Canada
When she was released from the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, Evelyne Greene tried to persuade the appropriate government institutions in New Brunswick Canada, shown in photo on right, to investigate what had happened to her while she was in the hospital in the hopes that the guilty parties would be reprimanded because, not only had they nearly killed her, but, they were a real and present threat to the safety and well being of  other members of the public who might seek medical services from that public institution.

Greene complained to the Administration at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, the College of Physicians and Surgeons for New Brunswick, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick, and the Fredericton City Police.

All of these institutiuons that are established to protect the public interest refused to take effective official action but, as she contimued to look into the matter and press for an official investigation, officialdom in New Brunswick retaliated against her in a viscious, unprofessional and brutal manner similar to the conduct of the much feared Gestapo under Adolf Hitler in early years of Nazi, Germany.

Illegal Drug Use by Staff at the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton

Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital
One day in December, 2009, Evelyn Greene went to the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital emergency room facility because she was not feeling well.  Greene had heart problems and she wanted to be checked out.

While lying on a bed in a small area that was separated from the other beds by a curtain she overheard a few nurses and a paramedic, who worked for the Ambulance New Brunswick,  speaking to one another in the area next to her.  According to Greene, the nurses and the paramedic were using hospital drugs for recreational purposes, a highly illegal activity that could get them all fired and put in jail.  The reader should also take note that the medical staff were using is a form of oxycontin which is often called hill billy heroin and hill billy heroin is the most popular recreational drug in New Brunswick and the other Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Greene decided  that this kind of activity by hospital staff was a danger to the public and got up out of her bed and went to over to the secutirty desk that was staffed by hospital personnel and a member of the Fredericton City Police force to report what was going on.  She then returned to her bed satisfied that she had done what any concerned citizen ought to do when he or she observed public employees breaking the law in broad daylight in a manner that constituted a danger ot public health and safety.

The hospital security people did not do their job but instead warned their co-workers, the nurses and the paramedic, that Greene had reported that they had been using the illegal drugs.  The co-workers knew they were in big trouble so they decided to dis-credit Greene by labelling her "insane" and immeidaltely transferred her to a psychiatric unit where she was locked up for 2 days.  The drug using medical staff enlisted the help of a psychiatirst who forcibly medicated Greene with olanzapine a drug that is not recommended for elderly patients, persons with heart disease or diabetics, because of the increased likelihood of death. Greene was diabetic, had heart disease and was age 61 at the time. 

So, common sense tells us that the nurses, the paramedic and the doctor conspired to murder Greene in addition to labelling her as delusional and dangerous by locking up a harmless woman in a psychiatirc lock down cell.

The reader should take note that Evelyn Greene was sixty years old at the time, had no history of drug use, had no criminal record and had no history of being delusionary but the nurses and the paramedic who looted hospital drugs for personal use while on duty certainly had a motive to label her as delusionary and to murder her. 

Greene knew that resistance would be the wrong tactic because that would give the staff cause to force more deadly medication on her so Greene quietly accepted her fate and waited.  Eventually, other doctors and staff came on duty and she was discharged but during the discharge process an honest nurse quietly told her. "Now you be sure to report that psychiatrist for patient abuse".

So, this is the beginning of the Evelyn Greene Story and, at the beginning, we have a public hospital that is clearly out of control where on duty staff are using mind-altering drugs looted from hospital inventory in plain sight of the Fredericton City Police and, to cover up their criminal activity, the hospital staff and a willing psychiatrist slyly attempt to murder Greene by forcibly treating her with a drug they know can cause death and by locking her up in an isolation room where dangerous psychiatric patients are confined in the hopes that she will die there.

As part of the conspiracy against her the physicians and administrators at  Chalmers violated the mandatory provisions of the New Brunswick Mental Health Act that required the notification of certain persons, including a patient advocate, whenever a partient was confined in a psychiatric lock down.  This is corroborative proof they knew what they were doing was a crime.  

If you think this is bad keep reading because the story gets worse and every resident of the City of Fredericton and the Province of New Brunswick has real cause to fear for their safety.

Click here to see and hear Evelyn Greene tell her story in her own words