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Illegal Drug Use by Staff at the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton

Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital
One day in December, 2009, Evelyn Greene went to the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital emergency room facility because she was not feeling well.  Greene had heart problems and she wanted to be checked out.

While lying on a bed in a small area that was separated from the other beds by a curtain she overheard a few nurses and a paramedic, who worked for the Ambulance New Brunswick,  speaking to one another in the area next to her.  According to Greene, the nurses and the paramedic were using hospital drugs for recreational purposes, a highly illegal activity that could get them all fired and put in jail.  The reader should also take note that the medical staff were using is a form of oxycontin which is often called hill billy heroin and hill billy heroin is the most popular recreational drug in New Brunswick and the other Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Greene decided  that this kind of activity by hospital staff was a danger to the public and got up out of her bed and went to over to the secutirty desk that was staffed by hospital personnel and a member of the Fredericton City Police force to report what was going on.  She then returned to her bed satisfied that she had done what any concerned citizen ought to do when he or she observed public employees breaking the law in broad daylight in a manner that constituted a danger ot public health and safety.

The hospital security people did not do their job but instead warned their co-workers, the nurses and the paramedic, that Greene had reported that they had been using the illegal drugs.  The co-workers knew they were in big trouble so they decided to dis-credit Greene by labelling her "insane" and immeidaltely transferred her to a psychiatric unit where she was locked up for 2 days.  The drug using medical staff enlisted the help of a psychiatirst who forcibly medicated Greene with olanzapine a drug that is not recommended for elderly patients, persons with heart disease or diabetics, because of the increased likelihood of death. Greene was diabetic, had heart disease and was age 61 at the time. 

So, common sense tells us that the nurses, the paramedic and the doctor conspired to murder Greene in addition to labelling her as delusional and dangerous by locking up a harmless woman in a psychiatirc lock down cell.

The reader should take note that Evelyn Greene was sixty years old at the time, had no history of drug use, had no criminal record and had no history of being delusionary but the nurses and the paramedic who looted hospital drugs for personal use while on duty certainly had a motive to label her as delusionary and to murder her. 

Greene knew that resistance would be the wrong tactic because that would give the staff cause to force more deadly medication on her so Greene quietly accepted her fate and waited.  Eventually, other doctors and staff came on duty and she was discharged but during the discharge process an honest nurse quietly told her. "Now you be sure to report that psychiatrist for patient abuse".

So, this is the beginning of the Evelyn Greene Story and, at the beginning, we have a public hospital that is clearly out of control where on duty staff are using mind-altering drugs looted from hospital inventory in plain sight of the Fredericton City Police and, to cover up their criminal activity, the hospital staff and a willing psychiatrist slyly attempt to murder Greene by forcibly treating her with a drug they know can cause death and by locking her up in an isolation room where dangerous psychiatric patients are confined in the hopes that she will die there.

As part of the conspiracy against her the physicians and administrators at  Chalmers violated the mandatory provisions of the New Brunswick Mental Health Act that required the notification of certain persons, including a patient advocate, whenever a partient was confined in a psychiatric lock down.  This is corroborative proof they knew what they were doing was a crime.  

If you think this is bad keep reading because the story gets worse and every resident of the City of Fredericton and the Province of New Brunswick has real cause to fear for their safety.

Click here to see and hear Evelyn Greene tell her story in her own words 

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