Monday, April 22, 2013

University of New Brunswick Retracts Eviction of Whistle Blower

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A mere one day after this blog brought international attention to the mis-conduct of officials with the University of New Brunswick, (see April 21, 2013, post below) those same officials apologized to Evelyn Greene, explained to her that the "TRESPASS NOTICE" she received on April 19, 2013, was the result of a mis-understanding and that she was welcome to use the library facilities at the University of New Brunswick Law School just like every other member of the public in New Brunswick.

The Editors of this blog wish to extend their sincere praise for the intelligence, wisdom and courage displayed by Bruce Rogerson, the Director of Security and Traffic at the University of New Brunswick who admitted in a telephone call with Evelyn Greene that a mistake had been made. 

Mr. Rogerson's conduct is consistent with the best practices recommended for organizations that make mistakes. 

 "When ya make a mistake, admit it, apologize, make amends and fix the system so it doesn't happen again".

Unfortunately, Mr. Rogerson's exemplary conduct has been contrary to the experience of Evelyn Greene with other institutions in New Brunswick, such as the Fredericton City Police, Ambulance New Brunswick, the City of Fredericton, the Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, some of the registry staff, sheriffs and judges at the Fredericton Court house, the lawyers with several large law firms in Fredericton, staff at several other governmental institutions and the Irving Brothers controlled media.

Ms. Greene was also favourably impressed with the conduct of the security at the Law Library, led by Mr. Steven Stafford, who treated her with dignity and respect when they were asked to execute the orders that arose from the mis-understanding.

The conduct of Mr. Rogerson, Mr. Stafford and others connected with Security at the University of New Brunswick prove that are at some decent people left in New Brunswick and should be a lesson for those with the Fredericton City Police and elsewhere who have treated Evelyn Greene so shabbily over the past few years.   

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