Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fredericton Newspaper Mocks Provincial Court, Ambulance New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and the Fredericton City Police

The Irving Brothers controlled Fredericton newspaper, The Daily Gleanor, has finally alerted its readers to the scandalous and very dangerous conduct of the Provincial Court of New Brunswick, Ambulance New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and the Fredericton City Police with a mocking cartoon, published April 26, 2013, shown on left.  

The cartoon correctly makes a mockery of the New Brunswick Provincial Court under the leadership of Chief Judge Leslie Jackson.

One of the pruposes of a judiciary, in a free and democratic country, is to protect average citizens from abuse by government officials. 

The record speaks clearly that Fredericton resident Evelyn Greene was abused by government officials who, not only attempted to cover up drug usage and, probably, drug trafficking by staff at Ambulance New Brunswick by calling the Fredericton City Police to remove a sick patient, who was not causing any trouble, but those government officials were also part of a conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice by fabricating evidence that would prevent Evelyn Greene from proving she was illegally assaulted by a police officer and did not commit the crimes she was alleged to have committed.  

The verdict of Chief Judge Leslise Jackson sets a very very danmgerous precedent because it sends the wrong message to drug using or drug trafficking staff at Ambulance New Brunswick.   The verdict sends the wrong message to Fredericton City Police officers who abuse citizens.  The verdict sends the wrong message to New Brunwick Prosecution Service who attempt to obstruct the course of justice.  The verdict of Chief Judge Leslie Jackson sends the essage that the New Brunswick provincial court judiciary are on the side of abusive police officers, they are on the side of criminal activity by government staff and they are on the side of Crown prosecutors who suppress, conceal or fabricate evidence against citizens in order to protect criminals in the government.

Perhaps it is time that New Brunswick Provincial Court judges were elected instead of being appointed by corrupt government officers.

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