Monday, September 23, 2013

Premier Alward's Cabinet Shuffle Explained

Premier David Alward Shuffles the Deck  
In the Editor's opinion, Premier David Alward has fired (demoted) Attorney General Marie Claude Blais because it was under the leadership of Attorney General Blais who refused to carry out a proper investigation of credible allegations of criminal misconduct by Government health care workers and police violence against an average citizen.

Ms. Blais's failure to act compromised the reputation of Provincial Court Judge Leslie Jackson. 

Premier Alward has appointed Mr. Flemming (shown in photo on right) to be both Attorney General and Minister of Health.  Mr. Flemming has a big job ahead of him.  Not only must Flemming he do something to stop the recreational use of drugs by Government Health Care Workers, he also has to reform the institutions of state that refused to investigate legitimate complaints about an out of control members of the Fredericton Police Force and clean up a prosecution service that appears to have been party to an attempt to mislead the court with fabricated evidence. 

Researchers believe that drug abuse is not only a problem for Government Health Care Workers but it is also a problem for some members of the Fredericton Police Force and some members of the New Brunswick  Prosecution Service. 

Mandatory random drug and alcohol testing for all government employees is probably the only effective way to stop the abuse.  Such programs are now widely used by many major corporations, the military and other institutions and the Editors recommend they be adopted by New Brunswick to help clean up its civil service and judiciary.   

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