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University of New Brunswick Law School Library Bans Whistle Blower

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In a craven display of backwoods, arrogant, elitism gone mad, the University of New Brunswick Law School library security staff issued a ``TRESPASS NOTICE` to New Brunswick whistleblower, Evelyn Greene, on Saturday, April 19, 2013, demanding she immediately vacate the law school library, a state funded library at a state funded university, and never return. 

The TRESPASS NOTICE was directly contrary to University of New Brunswick written policies that allow members of the public to use library facilities to carry out research such as the kinds Ms. Greene was carrying out.

Click here to read University of New Brunswick public use policies.

For many months, Greene had been using law library at the Law School, without incident, because she has been beaten up by sheriffs at the local couthouse where she has been defending herself against a dirty prosection carried forward by a corrupt civil service that had enraged in evidence tampering because she had reported drug using by staff and, possibly, a major drug dealing operation, at the Dr. Everett Chamlers Regional Hospital and at Ambulance New Brunswick that is believed to be secretly owned by the powerful and extremely rich Irving Brothers that control much of the New Brunswick economy, its politics, its media, and its legal and judicial professions

Security and library staff were shocked and disgusted that they had been ordered to carry out such dispicable work and apologized to Greene, who was minding her own business and not bothering anyone, for evicting her. Greene accepted their apologies and told our reporters that she knows that the staff level people are good decent citizens that had nothing to do with the eviction which was obvoiusly coming from insiders in the New Brunswick government and or legal profession, possibly, on direction of the Irving Brothers whose oil company has been a regular visitor to this blog and who have not disputed any of the allegations of Greene.

The New Brunswick legal and judicial professions, and many other residents, are dumbfounded by the recent murder of Federal Court of Appeal Carolyn Layden-Stevenson, a former long time Fredericton resident and Univeristy of New Brunswick Law School graduate, whose murder is alleged to have been carried out by a criminal gang operating inside the Department of Justice and the Federal Court Adminsitrartion in Ottawa and there is increasing suspicion that the same crimianl gang has agents and operatives inside the New Brunswick Department of Justice and New Brunswick court administration that has consistently denied justice to Evelyn Greene in order to protect crimianls.

Click here to learn more about the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Strevenson

Intelligent observers expect that the murdering may soon move to New Brunswick and questions are now being asked of whether or not the sudden death prominent Fredericton lawyer, J. Gordon Petrie, (shown in photo on left) on November 5, 2012, was a murder.  Petrie was a partner in the prominent New Brunswick law firm of Stewart McKelvey that has figured prominently in the alleged corruption exposed by Evelyn Greene.

In a bizzarre co-incidence, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in mid October that effective November 5, 2012, the appointment of Canadian Deputy Minister of Justice, Myles Kirvan, would be terminated - the same day J. Gordon Petrie was terminated. 

Kirvan is believed to have been a part of the criminal gang that allegedly carried out the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson.

On April 8, 2013, Greene, who cannot find a lawyer in New Brunswick with the courage to help her, filed a nineteen page Notice of Appeal in the New Brunswick Court of Queens Bench raising serious objections to the verdict against her by Provincial Court Chief Justice Leslie Jackson who, for reasons unexplained, appeared to be afraid of a certain local police officer, who may be mentally deranged and who appears to have developed a reputation for beating innocent citizens.

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