Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Unholy Trinity - Crown Counsel, The Fredericton City Police and Ambulance New Brunswick

In shocking coutroom testimony yesterday in the New Brunswick Provincial Court before Chief Judge Leslie Jackson, an Unholy Trinity revealed itself as a beleagured Evelyn Greene cross examined Ambulance New Brunswck witnesses that corroborated earlier cross-examination police evidence that confirmed that despite her repeated requests, Crown Counsel, the Fredericton City Police and Ambulance New Brunswick refused to provide her with a complete and unedited copy of the video tapes of the incident that occurred on the premises of Ambulance New Brunswick at Harold Doherty Drive, in Fredericton, on May 3, 2011.

Greene says the police entered the building started pushing her while she was waiting for medical attenion for a life threatening heart condition and that police officer Nancy Rideout, who has a history of complaints against her, laid beating on Greene between the exit doors as she lead Greene out of  building. Greene's evidence is supported by her own medical records and court reports on the history of officer Rideout.

Greene says the original viode tapes will prove her allegations are true and that Crown, the Police, and Ambulance New Brunswick have conspired to deliberately suppress the evidence for that very reason. 

Experienced legal counsel who are monitoring the proceeding agreed with Greene's conspiracy theory.  "Generally speaking, the only  reason not to produce the full unedited copy of the original video tapes is because there is something on those tapes the Police and Crown Counsel do want anyone to see and, in this context, the law presumes that the failure to fully disclose is part of an attempt to obstruct the course of justice through the suppression of evidence". 

Legal observers also pointed out that the history of the case is consistent with corruption inside  the New Brunswick prosecution service at the managerial level and, possibly, including the Attorney General and members of the cabinet of  David Alward because of Greee's civil lawsuit for compensation that includes allegations of illegal drug use, unlawful confinement, forced medication and attempted murder by staff at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in an incident that is connected to the later incident at Ambulance New Brusnwick.  

The prosecutor handling the case in the courtroom, Christopher Lavigne, is a younger, newly recruited lawyer and was put on the case after four more senior lawyers were either removed from or refused to continue to act on the case.  "As a general rule,  when a younger, less experienced lawyer, is put on a case after more experienced counsel are taken off it is because the older counsel know exctly what is going on and do not wish to be drawn into a criminal conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice by becoming party to the suppression of evidence as is taking place in the Greene case" stated one of Canada's leading lawyers who is monitoring the case from a distance. 

The lawyer added that this was a common practice in many parts of Canada by government lawyers and it could either be a career maker or career breaker for Christopher Lavigne, who appeared as legal counsel for the Crown.

"In my opinion", stated the lawyer, "Christopher Lavigne is in a very dangerous position because he is essentially being asked to assist to cover up a crime by insiders at the Fredericton City Police and the New Brunswick Prosecution Service and so, while he may be promoted for his nefarious work, he probably has enough knowledge to put those insiders in jail and he may also be murdered because he knows too much".

The murder of lawyers and judges who know to much has become a reality in Canada and there is evidence that former Fredericton resident and Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson was murdered by government insiders in Ottawa in June, 2012, for similar reasons.

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