Saturday, February 9, 2013

Was Atlantic Alarm and Sound part of a criminal conspiracy to fabricate evidence against Evelyn Greene?

Did Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. commit a criminal offence?

When Evelyn Greene was charged with assaulting a police officer (Nancy Rideout) in the course of her duties on May 3, 2011, at the Ambulance New Brunswick Public Health Facility on Harold Doherty Road in Fredericton, New Brunswick, she immediately asked Crown Counsel to provide her with a copy of the video surveillance records for the period in question and, in due course, she was provided with a video recording that was clearly doctored, edited or manipulated with key events not recorded.

In the next several months, she continued to ask Crown Counsel for a full copy of the original video recording and she received more video recordings and those video recordings were also doctored and key events were not part of the recordings and that each recording she received was different from the other and different the first recording she had received and, like the first video recording she received, none was a true copy of the original recording.

The only logical explanation for this very surprising state of affairs is that Crown, the Police and Ambulance New Brunswick were part of a conspiracy to fabricate evidence for the purposes of the upcoming criminal trial of Evelyn Greene that eventually took place in Fredericton in the week on February 4, 5, & 6, 2013 before Chief Judge Leslie Jackson.  During the trial, the various recordings were submitted as evidence by Crown Counsel, Christopher Lavigne and if he or his superiors knew they had been fabricated as part of a conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice then he and his superiors would be guilty of a criminal offence that carries a 14 year penalty.  Ms. Greene consented to the admission the various recordings because they proved the evidence against her had been deliberately corrupted which would on basis on which the judge could dismiss the charge against her.

But what was the role of Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.?

Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. was in charge of the installation and servicing of the video surveillance system for the the government health care facility operated by Ambulance New Brunswick at Harold Doherty Road, in Fredericton, and there were a half a dozen or more video cameras on the premises.

As part of her pre-trial investigations, Evelyn Greene had a telephone conversation with Louis Bourgeois of Atlantic Alarm and Sound who stated "We don't destroy nothing" in his clear Acadian accent indicating that a full copy of the origianl could be reproduced.

This is not surprising because Ambulance New Brunswick is a public health facility that would normally have a professional surveillance system and because  "Atlantic Alarm & Sound Ltd. is a company dedicated to consistently providing the latest in technology as we expand our base of products and services, while maintaining an unparallelled level of customer care"  

So, why has Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. failed to provide the police and Crown Counsel with a complete copy of the original recording of the events that took place.  It is possible that Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.  are part of a deliberate conspiracy to mislead the court.

In the Editors opinion, it certainly looks that way and, in the Editors opinion, it appears that they are acting on the advice of legal counsel because Mr. Louis Bourgeois appeared in court and gave evidence but he did not produce the original recording and he was represented by lawyer Sacha Morriset with the huge Atlantic Canada law firm of Stewart McKelvey. that, coincidentally also represents Ambulance New Brunswick, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, and the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick who are defendants in a civil lawsuit brought by Evelyn Greene for assault, unlawful confinement, negligent medical care, defamation, breach of various Charter Rights, malicious prosecution and   attempted murder.

Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd. can be contacted at:

489 Acadia Avenue, Dieppe, N.B., E1A-1H7 Tel 506 853 9315  Toll free 1-866-853-9315
Email and

Sacha Morisset can be contacted at

Stewart McKelvey, Lawyers - Avocats, 644 Main Street, Moncton, N.B., E1C 1E2
Tel: 506-853-1942 Email

Although Sacha Morisset did not take the witness stand and give evidence at the trial, his body language told observers that he and his clients were guilty of something very serious because according to Ms. Greene his face turned a deep shade on purple on several occasions during the embarassing testimony of witnesses for his clients, Ambulance New Brunswick and Atlantic Alarm and Sound Ltd.

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