Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Irving Oil Newspaper Suppress Truth About Corruption Scandal and Discredit Whistleblower

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It is a matter of common knowledge that the Irving family control most of the local media in New Brunswick, in addition to their vast oil business, lumber interests, real estate holdings, shipyard interests and potato farms.  So, when Evelyn Greene went to the local Fredericton Newspaper, the Daily Gleaner, to tell her story she figured that the Irving family would have an interest in publicizing the issues because it was all about good governance, public safety, and the proper administration of the hospital and ambulance services in that province.  However, for reasons that remain unexplained the local Irving family owned newspaper declined to write a fair story but, instead, misrepresented Evelyne Greene's mental status to the public by suggesting she was "mentally ill" and therefore could not be believed.

Sons of K.C. Irving 
The suggestion, by innuendo and inference, that Evelyn Greene should not be believed because she suffers from a " mental illness" is a gross distortion of the truth and a distortion unworthy of a the heirs of K.C. Irving. While it is true that Evelyn Greene suffers from "depression" and "depression" is a form of "mental illness" that kind of "mental illness" has nothing to do with a person's ability to tell the truth, to know fact from fiction or the honesty of their character.

Throughout her ordeal, there is not one shred of evidence that Evelyn Greene was delusional,  hallucinatory or otherwise unable to tell the truth. There is no evidence she was dishonest or deceitful in any of her dealings with the courts or the Crown but there is plenty of evidence that some, not all, government employees, including police officers, lawyers and others, have covered up the truth and attempted to mislead the courts.

K.C. Irving
In fact, three expert witnesses have confirmed, in writing, that the copies of the video tapes of her visit to the Ambulance New Brunswick facility at Harold Doherty Road, in Fredericton, were not true copies of the originals, that parts were manipulated and parts were deleted leaving one with the inescapable conclusion that the manipulations and the deletions were made to protect out of control Fredericton police, drug using or, worse, drug dealing, employees of Ambulance New Brunswick and to "railroad" Evelyn Greene at her upcoming trial in the Provincial Court of New Brunswick.  So the characterization of Evelyn Greene as unbelievable because she suffers from "depression" is both fraudulent and unworthy of newspaper founded by K.C. Irving the patriarch of the Irving family that now controls the industrial empire their father built.

In due time, we expect that the Fredericton Newspaper and its owners, the heirs of K.C. Irving, will apologize to Evelyn Greene because to do otherwise would not be in the tradition of honesty and fair-dealing that characterized K.C. Irving - the founder of the Irving Business Empire.

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